ROTW #123 - 6das1996 on ins_pyramid & ROTW #124 - pizuya on wps_deathforce Comments: 12 Posted by Russia the_sergei on 10.02.16 21:21

Welcome to our #123rd edition of ROTW! Today we have prepared for you a run by Uruguay 6das on ins_pyramid

Congratulations to Uruguay 6das for his great run!

Welcome to our #124th edition of ROTW! Today we have prepared for you a run by Hong Kong pizuya on wps_deathforce

Congratulations to Hong Kong pizuya for his great run!

Movies was made by Bulgaria ivansky VIP.

Thank you Bulgaria ivansky VIP for your beautiful videos.

37 New Demos - Release #670 Comments: 17 Posted by Russia juhx on 09.02.16 12:28

Uruguay 6dAs

bhop_dofrag done in 00:38.85 ( 00:39.13 Argentina Cupe ) (+11 KZ points)
zink_valley done in 00:38.91 ( 00:39.32 Russia Dolphin ) (+3 KZ points)
ins_pyramid done in 01:06.36 ( 01:13.95 Argentina lalwada ) (+22 KZ points)
zink_hb_benassi done in 00:13.14 ( 00:13.32 Russia Dolphin ) (+8 KZ points)

Romania Cobrex

kzra_bekwater done in 03:52.49 ( 04:08.39 Georgia NFM ) (+20 KZ points)

Hong Kong colcol`

ab_upclimb done in 01:21.18 ( 01:22.06 China YRagoN92 ) (+7 KZ points)
guess_where done in 00:22.90 ( 00:23.57 Brazil leleh1337 ) (+9 KZ points)
kzla_minuteofjump done in 01:04.15 ( 01:04.83 Hong Kong colcol` ) (+11 KZ points)
mkz_upstairs done in 00:17.45 ( 00:18.51 Hong Kong colcol` ) (+55 KZ points)
wps_deathforce done in 00:55.81 ( 00:56.02 China YRagoN92 ) (+11 KZ points)

Russia Dolphin

fcz_minibox done in 00:23.73 ( 00:25.58 Russia Dolphin ) (+8 KZ points)
Steel_whitebhop2 done in 00:32.66 ( 00:32.84 Russia KenLawrence ) (+13 KZ points)

Georgia Funnysmile

immo_wb done in 00:53.65 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Russia Icelord

fs_stairmaster done in 00:44.57 ( 00:44.87 Hong Kong colcol` ) (+12 KZ points)
hb_kirman done in 00:34.91 ( 00:36.19 Russia prize ) (+12 KZ points)
ih_bigstairs_kwr done in 00:21.87 ( 00:22.04 Russia Icelord ) (+41 KZ points)
mkz_grenn_bhop_12 done in 00:28.50 ( 00:28.61 Hong Kong pizuya ) (+28 KZ points)
mkz_stairs done in 00:20.25 ( 00:20.61 Russia prize ) (+39 KZ points)
raver_omg0_crazystair done in 00:16.58 ( 00:16.74 Russia prize ) (+60 KZ points)
smk_kzsca_dam done in 00:14.12 ( 00:14.84 Russia Icelord ) (+34 KZ points)
terror_stairs done in 00:23.31 ( 00:23.42 Russia Icelord ) (+30 KZ points)
vLy_stairsblock2 done in 01:26.70 ( 01:27.07 Hong Kong pizuya ) (+4 KZ points)
zink_stairs done in 00:19.69 ( 00:19.86 Hong Kong colcol` ) (+11 KZ points)

Finland Johnny

ad_luhop_h done in 01:13.20 ( 01:15.34 Finland betty_k ) (+16 KZ points)
hb_cd done in 13:48.56 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
ins_fuji done in 03:04.10 ( 03:04.56 Taiwan DizZy ) (+3 KZ points)
ksz_zuma done in 01:55.19 ( 01:57.86 Russia Lolwhat ) (+6 KZ points)
kzlt_exercitus done in 03:59.97 ( 04:31.26 Russia DeathClaw ) (+48 KZ points)
kzlt_nubchallenge done in 01:40.59 ( 01:43.34 Serbia alx ) (+24 KZ points)

Bosnia and Herzegovina kennynext

smk_zink_reunion2016 done in 01:30.04 ( 01:45.05 Romania wzuP ) (+16 KZ points)

Russia mainz

kzra_smallcanyon done in 01:31.95 ( 01:32.76 China Detachment ) (+4 KZ points)

Russia merc-.-

bhop_ytt_TheSpace done in 01:43.92 ( 01:53.96 Russia merc-_- ) (+29 KZ points)

China PMSA

hb_cobrex done in 01:06.78 ( 01:06.98 Russia KenLawrence ) (+6 KZ points)
hb_piml done in 00:48.89 ( 00:49.84 Russia Nukk ) (+11 KZ points)
mst_dusthop done in 01:51.29 ( 01:53.24 Lithuania PuKiS ) (+8 KZ points)

Brazil sonii

kzbr_longjumprun_ez done in 00:26.29 ( 00:26.60 Brazil sonii ) (+16 KZ points)
vLy_hb_juhx done in 00:07.07 ( 00:07.08 Germany wayz ) (+29 KZ points)

Click here to see which demos were rejected/improved

Map release Comments: 19 Posted by Russia juhx on 07.02.16 19:42

Hello everyone! Today we'd like to introduce 15 awesome maps!

To download all maps at ones click here

Click to see Accepted Maps

Click to see Declined Maps

Also some maps and demos were removed:

nik_extreme - Impossible to finish without cp/tp
hits_oobhop - Impossible to finish
xjbg_jumpdown - Quality of map is too low
ce_playbhop - Quality of map is too low
ce_playclimb - Quality of map is too low
chip_bhopnoob_x - Impossible to finish without cp/tp
deathrun_sp1_first_dr - Quality of map is too low
deyth_kreeds - Quality of map is too low
fu_insane - Impossible to finish without cp/tp
hb_lrs - Impossible to finish without cp/tp
hb_Perfectslife - Impossible to finish without cp/tp

+All maps from Russia jiumohoo were deleted as i told a few releases ago! Don't worry about records on his maps. You deserve the best!

If you found some illegal demo (/speed or illegal start), write me in PM please.
If you found some bugged map (w/o button/trigger), write me in PM please.

Community update Comments: 20 Posted by Denmark SmK1337 VIP on 04.02.16 20:18

Hey everyone
I Am writing to let everyone know of the major changes the website is going through, and give everyone a bit of insight in what to expect from these upcoming changes.

We are doing our best to set the community on the right track. We have been a bit shorthanded lately, and i only just joined. I Am very dedicated to the community and will do my all for it. It is very hard to satisfy everyone at once, we will try our best to make no one go unheard. During this process there will be a lot of experimenting, we’re asking for your patience. We’re aiming to make this a great experience for everyone, beginner and experienced.

I will mention a bit of what you can expect, and what you can already find of new stuff on Cosy.
It’s been brought to our attention lately that some players within the community are not satisfied with the way the VIP Demo system works at the moment “This i agree very much with myself” this i will talk more about further down in the news post. I Am getting over many subjects now, so you will know what to find within this post, as i will go over a bunch of subject.

Also, as some of you might know I, Denmark SmK1337 VIP have joined the Cosy staff. I Will be taking care of website administration and programming. Also other stuff regarding the community and mapping.

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. For those of you who don’t, here’s a short introduction. My name is René Michael Olesen aka SmK1337, I Come from Denmark, I Am a person.. lol.. and CS 1.6 Mapper, and I’ve made a lot of maps. Both Hide and seek, and climb. I’m an educated web-developer. I Also make music in my spare time and do other creative work.

Also i would like to welcome Denmark kapl to the team, he is working with me on a secret project, more info will come on this later, please give him a warm welcome.

Click to see what we are working on.

Click to see the cosy changelog for 04-02-2016

As new changes and updates are made, I will try and do my best to keep you all posted on the latest changes. (Future news will be a lot shorter and on point)

As it is right now, I Am the only one working with the codes, and i am juggling a lot at the moment, but i am working steadily to improve where i can and where i feel is most urgent.

Please feel free to throw a comment with feedback or new ideas/changes.

Thank you so much for thanking your time to read this.
I Appreciate everyone of you, and I wish you a great day.
Kindest regards,
Denmark SmK1337 VIP

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