28 New Demos Comments: 31 Posted by Nikola on 14.03.13 00:53

Helloes! Here comes the much wanted release. I just want to share some information. New point system has been implemented. You won't get points for the older demo, but for a faster record. For every second difference with the old demo, you get 1 point. I have described that on the FAQ page, under "What are kz points".

There is also a new kz shop. It can be found here.
All current record holders were given 3 points for each demo they hold.

All the credits for this release go to Bulgaria actepukc^ and Argentina Legna

France 7uP

kzus_pharaohs_complex done in 09:31.56 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Russia GODS

god_escape_b1 done in 01:28.83 ( 01:36.10 Russia ZuZ ) (+8 KZ points)
ramboxen_for_kzfr done in 06:25.75 ( 08:33.63 France 7uP ) (+128 KZ points)

China ImJacy

kzcn_bhop done in 04:05.05 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Romania Klefer

fs_slide_brickngrass done in 00:27.52 ( 00:27.84 Romania Klefer ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina Mrjuice

raver_countrun done in 01:39.40 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina Santi

cnd_bhoplittle done in 00:55.73 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
kzarg_cellhop done in 00:12.57 ( 00:12.97 Argentina Santi ) (+1 KZ point)
kzcm_funbhop done in 01:35.49 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
notkz_aztec_py done in 10:45.04 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Hungary Skizo_

cyx_edgebug done in 00:05.66 ( 00:05.67 Argentina Cupe ) (+1 KZ point)
ih_5blocks done in 00:00.76 ( 00:00.84 Hungary tinopEE ) (+1 KZ point)
kzas_slice done in 00:42.63 ( 00:43.65 Sweden chip ) (+2 KZ points)
md_creation[+jb] done in 00:04.67 ( 00:04.81 Argentina emmalahana ) (+1 KZ point)
neon_jumpbugs_h done in 00:08.42 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
notkz_kx_bunker done in 00:01.29 ( 00:01.30 Russia juhx ) (+1 KZ point)
notkz_very-easy done in 00:00.59 ( 00:00.64 Argentina Cupe ) (+1 KZ point)
ph_slide_toonworld done in 02:14.60 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
smk_hnseu_suicide2 done in 00:04.74 ( 00:04.77 Brazil -KubisS ) (+1 KZ point)
smk_hnseu_suicide done in 00:33.30 ( 00:33.74 Estonia spr1n ) (+1 KZ point)
zh_mini_journey done in 00:00.25 ( 00:00.26 Japan satari ) (+1 KZ point)

Taiwan Xunfop

uq_knot done in 00:23.21 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Venezuela anker

mtd_mazebhop_h done in 00:30.23 ( 00:30.38 Ukraine T^ReX ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina kyser

slide_cobkz_town done in 00:32.14 ( 00:32.23 Romania Klefer ) (+1 KZ point)

France toytoy

bhop_rabiga done in 00:20.20 ( 00:22.04 Argentina Mrjuice ) (+2 KZ points)

Denmark zink

ny_jumpmap done in 03:09.83 ( 03:14.65 Denmark zink ) (+5 KZ points)

China znfsz

kzge_upway done in 00:52.96 ( 00:53.55 Argentina talita ) (+1 KZ point)
py_bunnz done in 01:27.57 ( 01:38.93 Argentina Santi ) (+12 KZ points)

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Demos section is now back up! Comments: 5 Posted by Sweden malc on 09.03.13 22:13

Wohoo! Its been a while people. But now I can finally tell you, after this waiting that we have opened up the submit demos page again!

Information: The same rules apply as before. Simple as that.

There will soon be a release. And I also advice you to check your settings in a demochecking software, which you can find a public version at xtreme-jumps.eu. As these new updates may have changed your commands that affects kz.

Welcome back everyone, I can't wait to see some demos rollin' in! :)

Have a great Saturday.

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the forum got completely re-coded
-lots of website fixes and improvements
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It's the eclipzh Comments: 13 Posted by Slovakia Innes on 04.03.13 17:25

I want to present my newest creation, starring Sweden eclipzh. He is known in the KZ world for his beautiful bhop combos. This is one movie, where he is showing his skills. He also starred in "Self Control". This is all I want to say for now. The movie is by Slovakia Innes.

Search engine reloaded Comments: 13 Posted by Nikola on 28.02.13 02:38

Hello, fellows,

From now on, the built in the website search engine can be used for demos, maps and jumpers as well! You can either use it from the field which is located on the menu bar or the Search page. There, you will see on the dropdown menu "Demos/Maps/Jumpers" and if you select that you will be searching the demo database. For example, you want to search for "robo". There are several maps which contain robo, plus there is a Bulgarian jumper named "robo". On the results, you will get a link for the map, link for the demo and link for the jumper.

Example link with the "robo" case: -link-

Hope that will save you some time!


PS: I would like you to tell me (in the comment would be nice enough) if the search bar located on the menu should search for all fields or should be narrowed to Demos/Maps/Jumper only? This is up to you - the community since eases your access to demos, maps and different jumper information!
PS2: Tomorrow, I will add a fast search on demos, just like the one on downloads.

Edit: 28 Feb 2013
Added features:
- fast demo search on the demos page
- fast map search on the search form located on the menu bar

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