Changes in the KZ point system and page information Comments: 15 Posted by Nikola on 27.03.13 03:51

Hello, folks!

As the new system (old time - new time) was introduced people didn't seem to like it and that was for a reason. "Cheating" the system was easily done and hundreds, even thousands, points could have been collected with two-three demos. I was thinking several days what should it be based on. People suggested it is based on the beaten, on the current jumper's rank/place/demos. Therefore, I decided the best way to give away points is based on the time difference and beaten index. The current algorithm which is going to be used from next release is:

(PrevTime - CurrenTime) * Beaten / CurrentTime * 100

I can give you some examples of what people will get as points for different demos:

3 sec, 8 beaten - 57 points
1 sec, 3 beaten - 7 points
11 sec, 4 beaten - 29 points
9 sec, 5 beaten - 47 points
X sec, 0 beaten - 1 point

Of course, criticism is always accepted as this is done for you as a reward for your KZ skills. If you have any suggestions and/or comments, please post them on the comments.


As the days have passed I have added several new features on our website. The things which have been added/updated are: Demo Ranking, Demos Compare, Community, Maps, Jumper.

Jumper page has the least changes. Basically not much changed rather than the design a little bit and fixed some not-working download links. In the following days I'll try to make it even more beautiful with more information shown for the current jumper

Demos Compare page was already "released" unofficially without mentioning it anywhere. There is some info I have put on the top of the page which you should read (as it is 4 rows only) and contains some info which would help you understand why some columns have **:** and some don't have anything. The information is updated every day (automatically) so if your community had a release it is okay if it doesn't show right away, within 24 hours it should be available though. I have several small things to add to this page, but they are minor so they can wait until I finish more important pages, which are not release yet. As you might have seen there's a letter filter on that page, which I think might fit on Demos page as well. Every national community which has nonkz maps has been included (except KZ-Baltic, because they have only 1 nonkz map on their 3 (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian) lists and KZ-Slovakia, because they didn't provide me an API which I could use to fetch information for the page). If you know any other national community, which is not listed there, please message me so I can do my best to add it!

Demo Ranking has been fully rewritten and optimized so it should be faster than ever. Now, you can sort people (this is not new), but the rank would be static for people (e.g. however you sort players, it will say Nukk is #1). On the other tab, you can see the countries with correct kz points amount now (it used to be wrong) and you also get a link to the community page of this country. More about community will come in just some seconds!

Maps is a place where you can see all the map history. Now, you can see all the communities who host the same map (same which are on Demos Compare). You also get a link to that community. There's a function which searches for the player of the current community to check if he's also a CC jumper (e.g. area_upstairs - Bulgaria 2Dex and Russia prize are also jumpers on cosy so they get a link to their own jumper profiles)

And the most interesting page (according to me, of course) is the KZ Communities page. It was an old page I developed further. On the main page you can see a list of communities - both National and International. The reason why they are there and why, for example, XJ is not there (as it is the biggest KZ community) is the reason that we list only communities who host non official kz maps. Some of the communities I have no information about, some of them, sadly, are dead. Still, if you open one, you can see the maps associated with it.

As an example I would give the famous American United States KZ Monkeys. They have been inactive, therefore you cannot access their website link, but you can see their demos which are listed on Cosy, you can either download them, or go to Maps to see history of the map. KZ Monkeys is not a National community (consider National to be a community with demos for the specific country/countries), so there are no jumpers listed.

However, Bulgaria Bulgarian-Kreedz is an active National community and therefore you can see all the maps which are associated with bkZ (that is their abbreviation as you can see on the page). Together with that, you can see all the players who come from that particular country. Currently, there are 17 different players who you can sort in different ways.

But, as you might already know, there are several communities who host National records, but have more than 1 country which they cover - KZ-Scandinavia, KZ-Latinoamerica, KZ-France, KZ-Balkan, KZ-Baltic and KZ-Slovakia. Therefore, when you click on Players tab, you will see all the players from those countries, together with their country name on the side.

If you have information about any of those listed community - if it has changed it state to active/inactive or you have information about a community which hosts non kz maps and is not listed on that particular page, please contact us.

I really hope this block of text wasn't that boring for you and I hope you'll find those pages somehow usefull.
And still, those things are not the latest which Cosy will get! I promise you interesting stuff is coming up!

Have a good night!

39 New Demos Comments: 26 Posted by Bulgaria actepukc^ on 24.03.13 02:17

As you might seen there's another awesome release! I just want to give you some information regarding the cheaters' demos which got removed. Due to me, some of the old demos were unavailable on the backup, so I had to put even older demos and/or to remove the records of the maps. Some maps were wiped off, you can see all the maps without a record here. If you have any questions, please write on the comments and/or PM me (Nikola)

Have fun watching those demos!

France 7uP

notkz_aztec_py done in 07:10.93 ( 10:45.04 Argentina Santi ) (+215 KZ points)

Russia @KoT@

ph_slide_toon3 done in 00:22.95 ( 00:24.10 France Np_O ) (+2 KZ points)

Germany Cresco

cl_bye_nevr0se done in 04:07.13 ( 04:15.54 Argentina juanch0x ) (+9 KZ points)
mbs_coty done in 03:36.77 ( 03:52.62 China M1cKy ) (+16 KZ points)

Argentina Cupe

kzhbj_dortytown done in 00:41.76 ( 00:42.49 Argentina Cupe ) (+1 KZ point)

Georgia Funnysmile

hb_Funnysmile done in 00:19.98 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
kzsk_minilightblock done in 01:13.14 ( 01:13.30 Hungary Skizo_ ) (+1 KZ point)
kzsk_xmas2012 done in 10:28.28 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
slide_pers_brick2 done in 01:55.63 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

China ImJacy

stay_2013_kz done in 01:59.06 ( 02:06.59 China ImJacy ) (+8 KZ points)

Argentina Mrjuice

cypress_egyptianr0ck done in 00:29.61 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
cys_delusion done in 00:22.17 ( 01:46.12 Russia Nukk ) (+84 KZ points)

Russia Nukk

cnd_bhoplittle done in 00:48.20 ( 00:52.43 Brazil yashiro ) (+5 KZ points)
hb_mooxeve done in 00:57.13 ( 00:59.70 Venezuela anker ) (+3 KZ points)
ins_cityjump done in 00:24.09 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
ksz_cratespeed done in 01:04.79 ( 01:07.04 Serbia tankosIch ) (+3 KZ points)
stskty_goldenvalley done in 02:17.25 ( 02:28.07 Sweden kayne ) (+11 KZ points)

Hungary Skizo_

fs_funbrick done in 20:18.29 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
tisha_shaolin done in 00:52.00 ( 00:54.98 Hungary Skizo_ ) (+3 KZ points)

Belgium badgamer

inskz_smallcity done in 00:20.69 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Romania cahz0r

ml_winterblock done in 02:09.89 ( 02:12.54 Sweden Sitka ) (+3 KZ points)

Korea chunys

notkz_kx_tenstablock_v2 done in 01:27.20 ( 01:27.25 Russia xperie ) (+1 KZ point)
notkz_noobjump_v2 done in 01:26.40 ( 01:35.43 United States pizza^ ) (+10 KZ points)

France hoLy

bhop_jumpers done in 00:10.13 ( 00:10.15 Russia BupTuk ) (+1 KZ point)

Qatar kzz1lla

strg_neonbhop_hard done in 04:07.73 ( 06:10.95 China JrG ) (+124 KZ points)

Argentina pin

cobkz_neon done in 01:12.25 ( 01:13.48 Argentina pin ) (+2 KZ points)

Czech Republic shooting-star

cosy_speedhop done in 00:52.95 ( 00:58.45 Czech Republic shooting-star ) (+6 KZ points)
kzsk_average done in 03:40.89 ( 03:48.62 Russia Nukk ) (+8 KZ points)
mad_goldbhop_h done in 05:16.34 ( 06:01.81 Czech Republic shooting-star ) (+46 KZ points)

Serbia tankosIch

zg_speed done in 00:15.84 ( 00:28.31 Russia Icelord ) (+13 KZ points)

Russia translucent

py_bunnz done in 01:23.48 ( 01:25.35 Poland neXt. ) (+2 KZ points)

Brazil yashiro

kzsca_fastbhop_2ways[hard] done in 00:18.15 ( 00:18.94 Russia juhx ) (+1 KZ point)

Norway zuveeh

cobkz_noob_facility done in 01:12.06 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
klbk_go done in 00:41.61 ( 00:42.69 Sweden kayne ) (+2 KZ points)
ksz_blocks_dawn done in 00:56.76 ( 00:58.91 Sweden eclipzh ) (+3 KZ points)
kzarg_minipast done in 01:02.40 ( 01:04.42 Norway StairZ^ ) (+3 KZ points)
sat_hnseu_greenhillzone done in 00:50.53 ( 00:51.37 Russia Nukk ) (+1 KZ point)

Norway zuveeh_

b2j_hantglave done in 00:36.58 ( 00:37.94 Brazil wolv. ) (+2 KZ points)
kzbr_magicbuttons done in 00:35.33 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

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Map Of The Week #68 Comments: 19 Posted by Bulgaria PsYxOpAt Premium Mapper VIP on 21.03.13 19:15

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our #68 edition of Map Of The Week. I present you a2_blockrunner by Sweden SadPuppy Premium Mapper. This is a very interesting map with many secrets and awesome places, which will keep you playing over and over and over again. Movie was made by Lithuania vidtam, enjoy.

36 New Demos Comments: 19 Posted by Bulgaria actepukc^ on 18.03.13 02:32

Argentina Cupe

kzhbj_dortytown done in 00:42.49 ( 00:44.40 Argentina talita ) (+2 KZ points)
notkz_kx_hangar_v2 done in 03:12.67 ( 03:13.34 Argentina Cupe ) (+1 KZ point)

Georgia Funnysmile

fs_easyblock done in 01:24.16 ( 01:25.75 Georgia Funnysmile ) (+2 KZ points)
kzcl_texturehops done in 03:11.24 ( 03:39.70 Argentina Legna ) (+29 KZ points)
mbs_coty done in 05:02.34 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
pyml_bhop_brickwall done in 01:17.46 ( 01:19.42 Russia Nukk ) (+2 KZ points)

Bulgaria Infinity

ncp_bejop done in 00:38.32 ( 00:42.80 Argentina talita ) (+5 KZ points)
smk_kzsca_upsidedown done in 00:23.04 ( 00:23.21 Sweden chip ) (+1 KZ point)

Romania Klefer

adi_nastyslide done in 00:21.31 ( 00:21.42 Latvia BuTaMuH ) (+1 KZ point)
slide_dyd_object done in 00:22.99 ( 00:23.41 Romania klefer ) (+1 KZ point)
slide_kzfr_jungle done in 00:19.28 ( 00:19.73 France Np_O ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina Mrjuice

kzcn_strafe done in 04:54.65 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Russia ShoCk

holy_lame done in 07:10.56 ( 09:07.30 Russia Nukk ) (+117 KZ points)

Hungary Skizo_

cyx_edgebug done in 00:05.60 ( 00:05.66 Hungary Skizo_ ) (+1 KZ point)
kzsk_minilightblock done in 01:13.30 ( 01:15.08 Georgia Funnysmile ) (+2 KZ points)
neon_jumpbugs_h done in 00:08.11 ( 00:08.42 Hungary Skizo_ ) (+1 KZ point)
neon_jumpbugs_x done in 00:13.34 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
tisha_shaolin done in 00:54.98 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Germany SnOwKiLlEr

ph_slide_toonworld done in 01:40.60 ( 02:14.60 Hungary Skizo_ ) (+34 KZ points)

Venezuela anker

kzarg_cellhop done in 00:10.55 ( 00:12.57 Argentina Santi ) (+3 KZ points)

Belgium badgamer

bhop_rooftops done in 00:15.28 ( 00:18.20 Georgia PersiiiK ) (+3 KZ points)
hb_adantoud done in 00:24.63 ( 00:27.70 Taiwan DizZy ) (+4 KZ points)
hb_robostyler done in 00:41.13 ( 00:43.00 Taiwan DizZy ) (+2 KZ points)
kzlu_mjm_climb done in 00:39.21 ( 00:39.78 Taiwan DizZy ) (+1 KZ point)
stskty_straferace2 done in 01:14.13 ( 01:17.65 Bulgaria p0burkaH ) (+4 KZ points)
stskty_straferace done in 00:43.42 ( 00:44.61 Russia dcmbr ) (+2 KZ points)

Russia duct1

cobkz_run_brick done in 01:31.09 ( 01:31.31 Switzerland jaika ) (+1 KZ point)
god_escape_b1 done in 01:28.17 ( 01:28.83 Russia GODS ) (+1 KZ point)
r1os_minicity done in 00:18.30 ( 00:18.37 Russia Dolphin ) (+1 KZ point)

Poland neXt.

ksz_dawnbhop done in 00:47.73 ( 00:48.59 Taiwan DizZy ) (+1 KZ point)
py_bunnz done in 01:25.35 ( 01:27.57 China znfsz ) (+3 KZ points)

Czech Republic shooting-star

mad_goldbhop_h done in 06:01.81 ( 06:30.63 China VanSi ) (+29 KZ points)

Serbia tankosIch

ksz_cratespeed done in 01:07.04 ( 01:07.63 Croatia guz-.- ) (+1 KZ point)
notkz_utd_clof done in 00:45.75 ( 00:47.61 Lithuania Balcer ) (+2 KZ points)
uq_knot done in 00:22.55 ( 00:23.21 Taiwan Xunfop ) (+1 KZ point)

Brazil yashiro

cnd_bhoplittle done in 00:52.43 ( 00:55.73 Argentina Santi ) (+4 KZ points)

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