Map Of The Week #37 Comments: 4 Posted by Bulgaria stskty Premium Mapper on 21.09.11 19:33

Hello everyone and welcome to our 37rd edition of Map Of The Week. We are happy to present you our new MOTW edition, which from now on will include a movie for each MOTW.

For today's MOTW we have chosen for you: bkz_azblock by Bulgaria stskty

Hope you like the new idea and see you in the next MOTW!

Changes around the site Comments: 14 Posted by Bulgaria PsYxOpAt Premium Mapper VIP on 19.09.11 21:24

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since we've posted other news, rather than the usual daily news. Anyway, today I'll give you a short presentation and will get you in touch with our new updates and bug fixes around the site in the past few months. So, let's get started!

New banlist system
Well... this is not so new feature, but I still feel that I have to say thanks to Bulgaria hr1sch0 for his tremendous work. Thanks to him our ban system got improved a lot and some new features came with it as well. Not only that but he helped us with many more things. <3

New banners
The other thing that our site got from a long time ago is the banners for all Cosy events. This became possible thanks to Romania sn00p.

KreedZ Shop
As most of you notice our kreedz shop got updated as well. We increased the points for each feature. However, this is not permanent and we might decrease them a little later. If you have suggestions or ideas what we could add, please fill up this form. At the moment I'm plannig few more ways for you to get more points, so stay tooned!

Suggestions Menu, new headers and banner rotation system
Thanks to Denmark SmK1337, our new coder, we got a brand new page - Suggestions. There you can give ideas, report bugs around the site or with maps.
He also made 10 new banners for our site and wrote a script, so they can rotate everytime when you refresh the page. However, the script might be updated later, so the banner can rotate in every 30 seconds.

New admins and new admin page
I'm more than happy to welcome our new admins.

First is our ROTW and BOTW maker, Argentina oxxon and his moviemaking community Storm Digital Arts. Thanks to those people, every week we have ROTW and BOTW clips.

Second is our Demo Checker, Portugal strong. He is still new, but he gets the things really fast.

Third is our new designer and coder, Denmark SmK1337. We all know him with his cool and entertaining maps. Stay tunned for new cool features from him!

The fourth guy is a well known mapper, his name is Russia qui. He joined as a Map Checker.

And last but not least, let's welcome Finland kafds as the 2nd weekly writer. At the moment we have only two weekly writers, so, if you are interesting to contribute and help us in the future, you can submit your application here. You can see all the open slots which are free and still waiting to be taken from someone.

Also don't forget to check out our new admin page, again thanks to Denmark SmK1337.

Welcome guys and enjoy your stay! :)

P.S. Stay tunned for more updates and cool features around the site! :)

P.S.2 Don't forget to check the demo releases down below.

Best Regards,
Cosy' Staff © 2011

39 New Demos Comments: 24 Posted by Portugal strong Mapper on 19.09.11 16:33

Portugal Bink

bhop_tatueugen done in 02:06.98 ( 02:09.74 Norway hare ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina CaBeZa

smk_hnseu_volcano done in 00:39.83 ( 00:41.09 Denmark zink ) (+1 KZ point)

Czech Republic ChiChiN

kzpt_morethantoons done in 00:53.21 ( 00:57.36 Portugal zegas ) (+28 KZ points)

China JrG

ftw_deathzone done in 03:06.88 ( 03:34.70 Brazil wolv. ) (+114 KZ points)

Ukraine T^ReX

cypress_bhoprun done in 00:43.04 ( 00:43.13 Brazil wolv. ) (+149 KZ points)
smk_mounthops done in 00:15.45 ( 00:15.58 Sweden kayne ) (+199 KZ points)

Poland ThePawlo

mst_boyage done in 05:41.87 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+6 KZ points)

Brazil aloprando

daza_riddlez done in 00:25.58 ( 00:25.65 Russia WarOO7 ) (+54 KZ points)
etl_sandblock done in 01:33.23 ( 01:38.19 Denmark Tess ) (+451 KZ points)
kne_uff done in 00:23.62 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+5 KZ points)
kzbr_riva_first done in 00:31.89 ( 00:32.95 Poland neXt. ) (+1 KZ point)
smk_hnseu_toonblock done in 00:21.25 ( 00:21.66 Brazil wolv. ) (+103 KZ points)
smk_kzsca_four done in 00:38.65 ( 00:43.09 Poland neXt. ) (+1 KZ point)
smk_kzsca_oldschool done in 02:07.36 ( 02:20.97 Russia GODS ) (+1 KZ point)

Austria andmaste

nobkz_mst done in 06:40.89 ( 06:41.73 Russia GODS ) (+1 KZ point)

Argentina hqw^

kzcn_simen_jump_01 done in 04:08.92 ( 04:19.57 Russia GODS ) (+1 KZ point)
mst_dark done in 03:36.87 ( 08:31.03 Georgia Funnysmile ) (+1 KZ point)

Sweden kayne

notkz_ladder_bhop_ez done in 00:50.26 ( 00:50.80 Sweden kayne ) (+379 KZ points)
smk_kzsca_crateclimbing done in 00:22.00 ( 00:22.53 Sweden kayne ) (+1 KZ point)

Russia matt

kzarg_eazystrafes done in 00:38.27 ( 00:38.37 Poland neXt. ) (+2 KZ points)

Romania nucLeaR

kzcn_mount done in 04:49.59 ( 05:16.86 France elfeN ) (+88 KZ points)

Bulgaria pl1

notkz_big_hole done in 02:13.76 ( 02:19.19 Sweden kayne ) (+115 KZ points)

Russia qH9ze

km_kzonly_cavern done in 01:10.82 ( 01:12.60 Russia GODS ) (+1 KZ point)

Denmark skizze

tx_majestic done in 01:23.87 ( 01:25.38 Argentina juanch0x ) (+279 KZ points)
zink_speedstar done in 00:45.68 ( 00:46.09 Russia Icelord ) (+13 KZ points)

Argentina whiki

smk_kzsca_canyonclimb done in 00:33.39 ( 00:35.63 Argentina whiki ) (+1 KZ point)

Brazil wolv.

bkz_challenge_speed done in 00:36.42 ( 00:36.48 China JrG ) (+1 KZ point)
bkz_mini_dust done in 00:47.17 ( 00:47.52 Bulgaria Infinity ) (+170 KZ points)
hnscn_gigibhop_b1 done in 00:12.98 ( 00:13.08 Russia juhx ) (+27 KZ points)
kzbr_amazonia done in 01:05.40 ( 01:24.36 Russia Nukk ) (+74 KZ points)
kzbr_lostindustry[250] done in 00:29.04 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+775 KZ points)
mbs_assaultland done in 00:31.48 ( 00:31.80 Romania Lykka ) (+332 KZ points)
notkz_kx_keltenair done in 00:55.07 ( 00:55.14 Korea jaha ) (+519 KZ points)
org_bunker done in 00:42.65 ( 00:43.40 Uruguay rUn ) (+102 KZ points)
smk_hnseu_bridge2_h done in 00:55.82 ( 00:55.93 Belgium koukouz ) (+577 KZ points)
sxj_challenge_stonie done in 00:32.31 ( 00:35.22 Spain ducu ) (+409 KZ points)
tcn_bhop done in 00:51.20 ( 00:53.21 Ukraine T^ReX ) (+21 KZ points)
val_downstairs done in 00:13.69 ( 00:13.85 Bulgaria shNz ) (+41 KZ points)

Hong Kong 26

mlg_tleebhop done in 01:07.92 ( 01:08.33 Brazil wolv. ) (+12 KZ points)

Click here to see which demos were rejected/improved

Weekly Commentary #11 Comments: 13 Posted by Bulgaria PsYxOpAt Premium Mapper VIP on 18.09.11 09:25

Hello everybody,

I'm happy to say that our weekly commentaries are back! Today we've prepared for you the usual weekly commentaries and an exclusive interview, so sit back and enjoy reading!

Read the rest...

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