Removed the demos Comments: 15 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 28.01.09 00:05

Hey guys

As you might know Denmark Tess & Denmark $iw were cheating so I banned them and removed their demos.

New cheater Comments: 29 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 25.01.09 15:44

We've found at that United States Dr.Phill aka Sweden korall aka Sweden tjaro has used slowmotion. Can you imagine what do people do for some fame? Congrats, you are banned.

PS: I have restored all of the old demos beaten by the idiot.

10 New Demos Comments: 10 Posted by Great Britain SpiNe on 24.01.09 16:37


kz_ea_waterfall in 04:17 ( 04:26 mAr1oOsH! )


clintmo_dday in 02:48 ( 02:50 Adantoud )


rpz_downfall[race] in 00:48 ( 00:51 Dantikus )


kzls_smile in 03:31 ( 03:36 psico )


kz_kzdk_radiobase in 03:05 ( 03:18 Sioux )
kz_kzse_aztectemple in 03:30 ( 03:39 DucK )
kz_kzse_towerblock in 02:22 ( 03:51 Pepo )
kz_space in 03:07 ( 03:56 psico )
kzro_smalltemple in 03:15 ( n/a )
risk_stargate[e] in 04:11 ( 04:16 geddyK )

Read the extended news for Improved or denied demos.

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The new jumpers + New stuff Comments: 14 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 23.01.09 20:23

Hello guys. This would be a kinda long news but anyway, here we go :P

First of all I wanna say welcome to Sweden iBOUNCE (zam) & Russia level2 to Cosy-Climbing and also congratulate United States owned for getting in the team as jumpers :) Have fun mates :P

After the opening cerenomy I would like to tell you a little promotion by Cosy-Climbing's staff to all of you. If you get 15 first places on the server OR 40 records at all (doesn't matter on which place you are) you will get VIP on the server (hook, slot, etc).

There's a new feature I'd like to show you also - the signatures. If you are in the top15 with many records and/or many first places and want to "show off" you can use that signatures (banners) in forums. You can get your banner from here or here (for example). There are some background, so you can change them!

Just to let you know, there's a KZ Trivia running at our IRC channel (#Cosy-Climbing). It's fun, so you can check it :P

There's also a rockthevote plugin added to our server, so now you can play a map you want to, even if there isn't an admin to change the map for you


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