Fake demos got caught Comments: 13 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 06.08.09 00:24

It turned out that the guy who submitted demos under the nick United States brian was not really the real brian. Actually, we don't know who was it, but it wasn't brian himself, and that's 100% sure.
What we want to say is sorry to the real brian for the whole mess, but it's just the idiot whos life is dedicated to fuck up the KZ.

23 New Demos Comments: 6 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 05.08.09 23:50

China Lev1s

kzro_3w_fastljs[220-230] done in 00:24.82 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

Bulgaria b.rabbit

kzru_minibhop[-secret] done in 00:21.34 ( 00:23.23 France SLAYER^ ) (+1 KZ point)

Russia kolobok

bruderkz_runbhop_climb done in 01:35.24 ( 01:41.28 Bulgaria hateR ) (+1 KZ point)

Lithuania Trolis

raver_omg0_crazystair done in 00:25.92 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

Taiwan SuNnY#32

smk_hnseu_onetry done in 00:16.19 ( 00:18.15 Serbia niki ) (+2 KZ points)

Bulgaria VoDkA`BoY

smk_hnseu_pyramid_high done in 00:34.34 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

China HHHHush

smk_hnseu_suicide done in 00:40.49 ( 00:40.75 Bulgaria hateR ) (+2 KZ points)

Sweden omilo

cg_desertblock done in 03:47.44 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

Ukraine greenfox

cg_longjump_ez done in 00:12.02 ( 00:12.70 China NightStar ) (+1 KZ point)

Germany scorefax

kt_ezybhop done in 01:28.82 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
kzro_naturehops done in 02:31.09 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
soe_stylobhop done in 02:02.26 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

China M0cKy

cad_miniclimb done in 00:52.04 ( 00:53.88 Bulgaria hateR ) (+1 KZ point)
cgturnier_runde4 done in 02:59.91 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
cgturnier_runde6 done in 01:07.09 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

Romania ova

cobkz_rush_race done in 01:50.33 ( 02:09.66 Bulgaria hateR ) (+1 KZ point)
cobkz_westwood done in 00:31.50 ( 00:32.79 China Em3w ) (+2 KZ points)
notkz_kx_n00b_bl0ck done in 01:19.81 ( 01:27.49 Serbia niki ) (+2 KZ points)

Bulgaria hateR

bhkz_wicked done in 02:26.54 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
bhop_celsbrick done in 02:52.73 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
kzbg_bhopbarrels done in 00:23.33 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
kzus_longwaydown_finished done in 03:44.04 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)
smk_hnseu_adulthops done in 00:42.26 ( Unknown n/a ) (+2 KZ points)

Read the extended news posts to see which demos were rejected/improved

Read the rest...

We're recruiting cup admins Comments: 3 Posted by Denmark Nikola Mapper on 05.08.09 22:19


Since we can run cups now, we're searching for cup admins. If you think you are good enough then just fill up this form and wait until the staff votes :)

Good luck to anyone who will participate.

Important notes Comments: 8 Posted by Croatia brendo333 Mapper on 05.08.09 16:26

There are some notes that we have to mention that probably no one noticed or think of:

1. Demolyser doesn't show correct time always. Second decimal can be different than in FPS Death version. So please use FPS death instead of Demolyser! Get FPS Death.
Warning: FPS Death must be in /cstrike folder otherwise you won't be able to load demos and check them!

2. Killing yourself after stopping the timer is not an obligation anymore.

3. You can suggest maps for the record list. You can do it here. But please wait with uploading a demo on suggested map, we will let you know when/if map is accepted.

4. New features at website!
- Download page
- SteamIDs in the profiles (if you set it to your, it also shows a signature on your profile which design you can also change from the user settings)
- Download links for the maps on the maps.php page
- Links to the news on the Map history/Jumper profile
- Links to the jumpers' profiles on the ranking page and top5
- KZ Points & link to your jump profile on your user profile
- Total demos & current demos on your user profile
* Added a search function on the Downloads page

5. Wrong named demos
Be careful with naming your demos! Name your rar archive with your correct nickname! If you fail to do so don't message demo releaser to delete your wrong submission. Name your demos as you want them to come out. Your mistakes are your mistakes and we won't bother to fix them.

This is the last time such wrong submissions have been deleted, they won't be in the future! Thanks for comprehension.

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