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Some news #8 Comments: 18 Posted by Russia skArp VIP on 07.12.22 11:53

Hey there,

We are happy to introduce you to new cheaters and well forgotten old ones!

This list will include the following people:

1) China maomao (also known as HDYbaby) — submitting cheated demos with bhop hack
(after checking additional demos that are not part of our community was found to use slowmo).

2) China TommY_Charm — submitting cheated demos with bhop hack.

3) Korea Nancy — macc of Korea Satan, Korea sfa, Korea woooooooboo, Korea DumdumeR, Korea shitshit, Korea nynyny

They get a permanent ban along with the removal of all records from the site

4) China Stephen — macc of China stephen1

5) China FanHUA — macc of China ljw270219076

6) China IemGn1Q — macc of China a1542055796

They get a ban for 8 months with the removal of demos

Also, information about the change of admins.

Iran mls Premium Mapper VIP - resigns as main maps admin
We will miss you very much, but hope you will visit us.

The new main maps admin is Russia Sly Premium Mapper
I wish you success in your work, you will do well.

Cosy-Climbing administration

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