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Map Release - 5 New maps + AXN Comments: 9 Posted by Kazakhstan mls Premium Mapper VIP on 06.05.22 21:07

5 New maps + AXN
Thanks to map admin team for checking maps!

AXN maps:
bhop_avenida - Brazil Apocalipse
bhop_bwhite - Brazil DgLs
bhop_nice - Brazil Nice_x
bhop_nicestar - Brazil Nice_x
bhop_tunado_v1 - Brazil Apocalipse
bhop_wn_v2 - Brazil Weak_x & Brazil Nice_x

Author: Netherlands Malle Mapper VIP
Type: Climb
Challenge: Easy-Average

Author: Russia TiGeR Mapper
Type: Bhop
Challenge: Easy

Author: Russia TiGeR Mapper
Type: Bhop/Climb
Challenge: Easy

Author: Denmark RaZzoX Mapper
Type: Bhop
Challenge: Hard

Author: Belarus TyIIIkA Mapper
Type: Bhop/Climb
Challenge: Easy-Average

Good luck and have fun recording!

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