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Some news #7 Comments: 20 Posted by Russia skArp VIP on 17.04.22 13:01

Hey there,

1. Deleting demos

I would like to start by saying that 112 demos will be removed for using the illegal client command "cl_lw 0".
I will explain why this command really shouldn't be changed and why it was added to the rules after all.

This command writes to your demo all information about your weapon that you hold in your hand and this all happens as long as parameter = 1.
If you set parameter = 0, then all information that should be present in your demo about the weapon - it simply will not be there, to put it simply, weapons data is missing.

2. Staff
We also have 2 new demo-admins on our team
- Invalid user
- Serbia JocA
I wish you good luck, im sure you'll be up to the task

And now, I would like to provide demos of over 100 demos that will be deleted:
Click here

Cosy-Climbing administration

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