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Some news #6 Comments: 14 Posted by Russia skArp VIP on 18.03.22 22:57

Hey there,

It's been a while since we've had any news to bring to you. In today's news, I would like to inform you of some things that have been done:

1) A fairly large number of demos will be removed, and the reason for this was because demos were sent in that did not meet our rules.

2) Also, we have appointed several administrators, whom you all already know very well:

France hoLy Premium MapperMap Checker

Kazakhstan mls Premium Mapper VIP has returned to his duties as an administrator and stays with us — Map Checker

3) We're also happy to tell you about the Movie Maker opening and we'll be glad to have you on our team. If you still have any questions, you can always contact me PM here

Let's cut to the chase:

Argentina Cupe

Reason: Forbidden client settings

1324_hellhouse done in 02:29.96
a2_novus done in 02:57.47
bhop_400gez done in 02:59.42
bhop_ctm_mountain done in 00:44.38
bhop_ctm_volcanice done in 00:44.96
bhop_grblor done in 00:58.02
bhop_heaven_v1 done in 00:35.23
bhop_heaven_v2 done in 01:13.67
bhop_heaven_v3 done in 01:45.55
climb_beginner_2 done in 02:25.04
bhop_loop done in 08:48.57
bhop_m_ramp_old done in 03:08.73
bhop_m_skill2 done in 02:42.10
bhop_mix_colors done in 00:17.10
bhop_novice2 done in 01:10.04
bhop_train done in 01:28.72
cobkz_3000bc done in 01:37.89

Ukraine Berkut

Reason: Moving objects before the start button is pressed

cgturnier_runde5 done in 08:44.22

Korea bussell

Reason: Mpbhop

mkz_weirdjumps_h done in 17:00.23

Also a few people who will be permanently banned
China Jam multiaccount of China qq651815418 Mapperupload maps from multiple accounts
Serbia AnnieAreYouOKmultiaccount of Serbia nex1, Serbia Dzeri, Serbia maxbet
Macedonia chachachamultiaccount of SLeepLess

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