Community Update + New Routes Comments: 7 Posted by Argentina rawe on 29.12.19 00:02

Hello everyone, I write this post to tell you guys what's going on these days, is not much but it's all worth mentioning.

First of all, as Bulgaria Fiveshot posted in the chatbox, I'm now here as CEO of the community, with Bulgaria Fiveshot taking a little break, so everything you need you can ask me, suggestions, issues, anything, and don't forget the suggestion link is open!

There's a new demochecker, I'll like you to welcome Argentina marc0z to the demochecking team, he's already been helping us on KZ-Argentina doing a great job keeping up with the activity, so hope we can do the same over here.

Lastly, I prepared this little list with new routes already available for recording:

ad_strafehop[full] - You're not allowed to press the timer through the wall
agami_30sec[full] - You cannot perform the SCJ shortcut
b2j_illumination[full] - You gotta take the left path, you can't perform 260 shortcut
bhop_allspark[+secret] - You must take the shortcut path within the boxes
bkz_toonworld[-boost] - You must start from the ground on the KZ stage
chip_bhopnoob_h[full] - You cannot perform 180° shortcut
cnd_minimal[full] - You're not allowed to perform any edgebug shortcut
cobkz_neon[full] - You cannot do either slide or CJ shortcut
fs_hb_juhx[-md] - You can't take the slide SC
int_beldent[-md] - You're not allowed to do slide SC
ksz_hexa[-md] - You can't take the bugged texture shortcut
kz-endo_slide_svn_duckslides[full] - You must complete all stages
kzcn_synergy[full] - You must complete all stages
kzcn_synergy_h[full] - You must complete all stages
kzro_virtualtown[full] - You cannot press the timer through the wall
mad_goldbhop[full] - You're not allowed to use the secret paths, you gotta complete the map as intended by default
mls_snowvalley[full] - You're not allowed to perform the shortcut that allows you to walk on the edge of the wall
pro_kzcn_blow[full] - You cannot jump the 265 block
tja_simpletown[-264] - You cannot jump the 264 block, you gotta take the path underneath the map
trc_climbgarden_fxc[full] - You're not allowed to perform any shortcut
vlt_hard_neighbourhood[full] - You gotta make all the jumps, you cannot press the timer through the walls

If you notice that any route isn't well named or needs to be fixed, or even add a new route let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible, and also, if you know about any other map that can have an additional route added also let us know!
Also, our man Estonia c0c0n is already working on another list of routes to add.

Hope you all have happy holidays and a happy beginning of 2020!

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