CC ROTW #198 - fanzeng on hfr_apex Comments: 9 Posted by Argentina rawe VIP on 27.12.19 22:05

Hello Climbers! In this opportunity we are here to present a new Run of the Week, this time featuring China fanzeng on hfr_apex
I'm sure this ROTW will look strange to those players who aren't familiar with the map, a ROTW with fails? What is that? But that's because China fanzeng makes this really complex map look uber easy!

This great run combined with the skills of our stylish moviemaker Argentina weng leaves as result a beautiful clip that can be enjoyed again and again, so take a moment to appreciate this lovely clip. Enjoy!

Real Time: 02:12.51
Previous Record: 02:37.56 by China fanzeng
Music: Unit Zero - Two Spirits
Release: #909

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