Some news #4 Comments: 3 Posted by Bulgaria Fiveshot on 08.06.19 15:31

1. New demo rule:
- It is forbidden to use more than one steam account for demo recording. In case you want to change your main steam account for some reason, you have to notify us.
2. Addition to map submission rules:
Since the beginning of the year we have added rules, but did not notify about it.
- The map can be added to the site only by the author. If it turns out to be someone's else, there will be a penalty for you
- The minimum travel time of the map is 60-80 seconds. Required availability of detail: models, sprites, sounds ...
3. Staff changes:
- Russia MichaelKheel left the admin team, his last decision is to focus on his project Thank you for your work and good luck with this project.
- Invalid user steps in as site coder, he is here to help when it is necessary.
- Serbia Trajko VIP - New map admin.
- Russia Inspare VIP is removed from demo admin team, his public cheating attempts such as in kz-rush servers are giving us bad image.
4. New demo admin:
- We are currently looking for someone to step up for a demo admin position.

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