Map release - 5 new maps Comments: 11 Posted by Russia Drawh1st0ry on 20.03.19 05:19

5 New maps!

Special thanks to Russia Jeronimo Premium Mapper which helped with the release.

Please note!
Corrected version of the map - hama_1337challeng3. The old version will be deleted.

Tunisia HaMMa Premium Mapper: fixed bhop in the second stage it was near impossible without mpbhop
and last bhop stage (added wood in the end and moved bhop blocks closer). Also i changed 2 jumps in last room to be ezier.

Author: Tunisia HaMMa Premium Mapper
Type: Climb / Bhop
Challenge: Hard

Author: Hong Kong CD
Type: Climb
Challenge: Hard

Author: Hong Kong CD
Type: Climb
Challenge: Easy

Author: Russia Maddeath Premium Mapper
Type: Bhop / Climb / Slide
Challenge: Extreme

Author: United States .godc Mapper
Type: Climb / Slide
Challenge: Easy

Good luck and have fun recording!

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