Some news Comments: 9 Posted by Ukraine FAME Premium Mapper on 04.05.18 22:27

Howdy, I would like to let you know about a few small changes:

1) Ukraine sick's record on k_sci-fi map was removed as it was illegal. Nothing serious but FPS drops that made the SC possible. In case if someone is interested, here is the removed demo -link-
2) New [no_hp_booster] route was added for following maps: deathrun_dojo_timer, deathrun_ghoztlightz, deathrun_ghoztlightz_ez. You will probably need to disable auto heal in your addons in order to record these routes.
3) deathrun_bhopz_remake map was removed since it is impossible to finish it.

Thanks to Russia Nannou & Russia poker Bronze medalist of the COG Summer 2017! Second place in COG Summer 2017 individual standings! COG Summer 2017 Participant! for reporting this!

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