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It's time to say goodbye!
I don't want to make this post too long but I think I'll end up doing it anyway, so here it is.

It's been a long time since I've launched cs for the first time. Almost 10 years.. damn dude,
10 years of playing the same game over and over again. Do I regret it? Yes, in some way I do. The time I've spent on this game could have been spent on something way more profitable. But it was fun anyway. I've met a plenty of people along the way and truth to be told, most of them became my internet friends, couple of them are much closer than I think. I hope to meet them IRL one day for sure.
Until that day, I will live my own life and try to lurk around when I have time, just to check how things going for cosy/xj and kz overall. The reason why I quit is simple enough. I'm 22, I just got a job, man I'm a grown up already.
Time flies and it flies fast. I can't spend any minute on this game and "community" in specific. It's time to move on with life. CS should be past. In fact, it should have gone there a damn long time ago. But enough of talking about regrets.
What's done is done. All the actions I've made regarding community and KZ itself doesn't bother me. You can blame me and hate for that, call me a jerk. It's not like it matters to me. Because the way I see things is plain simple. An imaginary internet "CEO" position with 0 potential and no future in it. Internet friends and community which will give you nothing in return. It will never give you a house to live in, a car to drive and a woman to share a bed with. Small things like 30-40$ prize polls for tournaments, VIP's, maybe some special hb_ maps, ADMIN positions, and all that crap is NOTHING. The sooner you realize it, the better.
Still, I'm grateful that Bulgaria Psyxopat gave me an opportunity to stand behind his back and kinda handle things while he was away. Now the main question is - what's next? I don't know, I didn't prepare anyone to replace me with. And truth to be told it's not my job to do that.
I have plenty of enemies and friends here. And I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS that you've been around with me and spend time doing fun things.
So here it is, a list of people whom I really enjoyed spending time with.
Stay healthy and goodbye fellas <3

Russia Nannou
Russia Translucent
Norway livee
France WOOF.exe
Russia Juice
Russia Garey
Russia DeathClaw
Ukraine fos
Russia Naizen
Russia Vitaleisman
Slovakia fakan
Slovakia noxeR
Russia Rub1
Austria Avatar
Russia enzo
Russia edzika
Russia Jig'SaW
Russia topoviygus
Kazakhstan Clemento
Russia California
Russia hfour
Finland CandEE
Finland NubZ
Russia Jeronimo
Finland mursux
Turkey fM*
Germany ATL
Poland polsik
Russia gReK
Russia cHIBIs
Finland Johnny
Ukraine Adantoud
Russia Bikke
Russia tranCyfast
Finland quickmooh
Sweden lrs
Lithuania TonTo
Lithuania Expansion
Greece KarLi
Russia Ft.skY
Russia Kotomie
Russia Super a.k.a Devil Sold His Soul
Latvia BuTaMuH
United States Fantasm
United States SilverNinja
United States Ryan
Russia Swatter
Russia plombear
Russia Proffi
Russia Newbie
Bulgaria ivansky
Russia mf^
Russia Nste
Kazakhstan papr1ka
France WqkO
Russia nintech
Sweden VNS
Bulgaria -nympho-
Ukraine 3bRk
Ukraine hike
Russia NoRD`

and plenty of others.

Korea boowoo

ad_bunnyhop done in 00:31.56 ( 00:31.71 Korea LeblE ) (+19 KZ points)
bhop_mzeasytpn done in 00:17.97 ( 00:17.98 Korea NaTa ) (+51 KZ points)
bhop_squareblock done in 00:30.77 ( 00:30.89 Russia KenLawrence ) (+33 KZ points)
kzcn_smallbhop done in 00:35.95 ( 00:38.60 Russia Dolphin ) (+24 KZ points)

Belarus chmod

HDem_myNata done in 01:33.12 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Hong Kong colcol`

eec_obs done in 00:10.50 ( 00:10.58 Korea lambdaaa ) (+38 KZ points)
gulp_imperial done in 00:10.09 ( 00:10.19 Argentina talita ) (+20 KZ points)

Argentina Cupe

a2_novus done in 02:57.47 ( 03:04.92 Argentina Memories ) (+18 KZ points)
bz_sand done in 01:42.88 ( 01:48.92 Argentina Memories ) (+33 KZ points)
kzbr_alk_pyramidtoon done in 00:28.52 ( 00:31.17 Argentina Memories ) (+29 KZ points)
kzcn_stoneblock done in 02:07.16 ( 02:08.38 Argentina Cupe ) (+10 KZ points)
kztd_soab done in 05:20.60 ( 06:02.85 Argentina Memories ) (+12 KZ points)

Russia enzo

d3_nozuonodie done in 00:53.98 ( 00:54.05 Korea TheM00N ) (+10 KZ points)

Romania FuZzy1

jiu_fat done in 02:31.13 ( 03:19.49 Romania FuZzy1 ) (+25 KZ points)

Czech Republic fykseN

cosy_miniclimb done in 01:00.87 ( 01:01.32 Canada miketang1993 ) (+9 KZ points)
kztw_nomadicblock done in 08:24.09 ( 09:53.99 Ukraine Berkut ) (+31 KZ points)
kztw_portal done in 03:10.73 ( 04:19.71 Russia Dubstep ) (+27 KZ points)

Russia Juice

ladder_0logic_v2 done in 00:25.81 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
stairs_relativity done in 00:28.68 ( 00:31.28 Russia Juice ) (+10 KZ points)

Bosnia and Herzegovina kennynext

deathrun_wild_h_timer done in 01:04.34 ( 01:14.24 Bulgaria Ndubz ) (+14 KZ points)
mls_stonebhop done in 00:43.31 ( 00:44.55 Bosnia and Herzegovina kennynext ) (+9 KZ points)

Korea LeblE

bhop_jumpers done in 00:09.83 ( 00:09.86 Hong Kong shxKh ) (+142 KZ points)
bhop_miniegypt done in 00:07.30 ( 00:07.34 Slovakia noxeR ) (+232 KZ points)
mls_LeblE_bhop done in 00:25.20 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
vLy_5_blocks done in 00:04.51 ( 00:04.52 Korea LeblE ) (+177 KZ points)

Argentina Mrjuice

kzarg_swampbhop done in 01:00.86 ( 01:02.10 Taiwan Juby ) (+4 KZ points)
kzex_layers done in 00:23.32 ( 00:23.52 Argentina Mrjuice ) (+18 KZ points)
kzpa_toonybhop done in 00:57.30 ( 00:57.38 Serbia promax ) (+13 KZ points)

Serbia promax

bhop_ytt_minecraft done in 01:34.67 ( 01:35.23 Argentina rawe ) (+7 KZ points)

Argentina rawe

kzarg_bhopcavern done in 01:02.12 ( 01:05.57 Russia Nukk ) (+19 KZ points)
kzcn_synergy_h done in 17:09.78 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
kzcn_synergy done in 05:52.52 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
kzra_laps done in 01:38.23 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
mls_snowvalley done in 03:25.72 ( 03:33.25 Russia Alliance ) (+8 KZ points)
sdmz_townz_e done in 03:11.02 ( 03:35.33 Korea RTVpls ) (+12 KZ points)

Peru spw

kzra_tebhop done in 01:35.21 ( **:** Unknown n/a ) (+1 KZ point)

Slovakia TuFko

mls_arcticbhop done in 00:48.15 ( 00:49.83 Greece vmax ) (+9 KZ points)

Taiwan tzNa^

flr_bhopvoxx done in 01:39.41 ( 01:39.90 Taiwan tzNa^ ) (+9 KZ points)

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