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Hello fellas.
I'm writing to you today to share a sad and very sensitive story of a man, a great friend of mine and simply an amazing person - France Woof.exe.
I want to begin my story with a Q Lazzarus quote - "Goodbye Horses, I'm flying over youuuuu..."

Over a decade I've been in touch with a guy known as France Woof.exe. You might know him for recieving a very prestigious award on Xtreme-Jumps website - "User of the year". He also known for his tremendous and corky sense of humour which was sharped to a complete perfection over the years.France Woof.exe became very popular among regular forum users and kz jumpers very early. He is the type of a guy whith whom you get along very quickly. And once you get to know him you will become his friend within a blink of an eye. I can speak for hours describing how charming and friendly he is, but I suggest you to add him on steam and have some fun talking to France Woof himself... while you still can

The point of all this story is rather horrifying. It is really hard to overcome and comprehend itself. I am still in a big shock after what I have heard... I don't even know where to start, but I think I have to start somewhere. Couple of hours ago France Woof.exe contacted me and said that he was diagnosed with Cancer...

A man whom I know from almost 10 years Is now going to die in 4 months. Yes, 4 months, that is all the time he have left. I know this is very personal and also knowing that France Woof.exe is a very genuine person himself, he would have never asked for help from someone else. And I see it as our duty to help our fellow member to fight back and defeat this disease, even though his chances are very slim...

I have made a steam-group where I will update mental and physical status of France Woof.exe. You can join the group by following this link -link-

Donate to help Woof and his family!
Paypal -email-

I highly suggest you to read our conversation down below to understand how deep the problem really is

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