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Current Prize Pool - 70$
The Winner Team Takes It All

Hello Cosy-Climbing,

it is my honor to bring some exciting news to all of you today. After a rather long inactivity in the major tournament niche, we are presenting to you something new this time around, so welcome to the Cosy Olympic Games! As the title pretty much speaks for itself, here's a brief presentation for yourussi to understand the basics of this event, while all the rest impotant information will follow down below.

Disciplines for current event are: Race, Swimming, Longjumping and Relay Race.

How To Play?
Some of you might have hard times figuring out HOW TO PLAY this event. Just for you, we've prepared a short introduction to every single stage of the Cosy Olympic Games!
Click on the Race, Swimming, Longjumping, Relay Race text down below to open it up.

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

Week #4
Relay Race


Rules and Regulations.



Russian Translation


The registration for Cosy Olympic Games! is now OPEN!
An estimated duration for the event is one month. Keep yourself posted for more information next week.
Meanwhile don't loose your time and find yourself teammates :)
Registration for COG will be over in 10 days.

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask them in comment section down below.
Every question will be added to the FAQ page on the main newspost.

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